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Our Mission

  Michigan Vascular Access Network exists to empower healthcare professionals to provide high quality patient outcomes in the area of 

  vascular access and infusion therapy through collaboration with multidisciplinary supportive networking .  We aim to assist in 

  advocating for the most current evidence based practices and technology, and providing educational opportunities for all members


MiVAN is a Proud Affiliate                                of...........

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Upcoming events

    • 12 Apr 2019
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Italian American Banquet & Conference Center 39200 5 Mile Rd, Livonia, MI

    SAVE the Date!!!! Matt Ostroff is coming to town


    1. Review of vascular access device complications.

    2. Define the components and characteristics of tissue adhesives.

    3. Describe the purposes of tissue adhesives when used with VADs.

    4. Analyze the clinical outcomes with tissue adhesives used with VADs

    Content Description:

    Skin integrity is lost with puncture for insertion of all vascular access devices (VAD). Additional skin injury can be associated with antiseptics and other medical adhesive devices. To prevent loss of the VAD and injury to blood vessels and other structures, the VAD requires adequate securement and protection. Publications over the last decade reveal several purposes and favorable outcomes when tissue adhesives (TA) are used with both peripheral and central VADs. The evidence suggests positive results in increased dwell times and a reduction in unplanned dressing changes. TA has bactericidal properties and seals the puncture site preventing migration of bacteria into the insertion site. This presentation will review the evidence and describe the benefits of adding TA to the tool box of preventative technologies you can use to improve the vascular access experience for patients.

    • 30 May 2019
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • TBD

    Learning Objectives

    ✓ Verbalize, after literature review, the reasons why PIV failure is over 50% in the USA with a focus on infiltrations and occlusions

    ✓ Describe the peripheral bundle with the 5 RIGHTS that were utilized for this randomized controlled study to achieve successful outcomes

    ✓ Demonstrate how the results of this study can be utilized to establish a business model for the value of the IV team

    n America Peripheral IV Catheter Failure rates average 53%

    There are 347.4 million Peripheral IV Catheters sold each year in the U.S. with 39.3 million patient admissions - There is a lack of awareness of the high failure rate and associated cost of PIVCs - Today there is no data analytics, no reliable event tracking or no reliable patient management systems of PIVCs, PICCc & CVCs - Hospital leadership is unaware to the level of patient dissatisfaction, waste and overall cost per bed associated with PIVC complications - We know what causes them to fail → occlusion, infiltration, extravastion, infection and inadvertent removal → these unintended PIVC complications interrupt IV treatment and require reinsertion of another catheter in another vein.

    • 21 Sep 2019
    • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (EDT)
    • Beaumont Royal Oak Hospital Auditorium

    SAVE THE DATES!!!!!!

    Presenters Dr. Amit Bahl, Director of Ultrasound, Emergency Center and Vascular Access Director for Inpatient Services and Dr Monte Harvell, Director of Radiology Detroit Medical Center, Harper Hospital. 

    Do not miss this opportunity to see a variety of ultrasounds and peripheral devices. Techniques include ultrasound guidance for deep access. Deep access traditional PIV catheters, devices with integrated wires, seldinger over the wire devices and much, much more.  

    • 6 Nov 2019
    • 6:00 PM
    • 7 Nov 2019
    • 5:00 PM
    • The inn at St Johns

    SAVE THE DATES!!!!! 

    Wednesday evening and all day Thursday!!

    This year MiVAN is bringing it home with local talent that is leading edge of vascular access.

    Dr Amit Bahl Director of Vascular Access and Director of Ultrasound EC at Beaumont Hospital.

    Russ Nassof, has been a Keynote Speaker and presented at hundreds of legal, insurance, risk management, claims, healthcare, conferences worldwide including at the CDC, WHO, and National Press Club, attorney by trade.

    Dr Monte Harvill Director of Interventional Radiology Detroit Medical Center, Harper Hospital

    Angelique Gaston, Julie Renges and Brent Gale Vascular Access Team St Mary's Mercy, Livonia who leads the first nurse lead CVC team in the Detroit area.

    And more!!!!!!! 

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